Luis Miguel Selvelli

Sunday 6th of march 2005, 6pm: “Situationism Reloaded?”

A debate with Gianfranco Marelli and Bert Theis, with a message from Giorgio Agamben.
Organized by Alberto Pesavento and Luis Miguel Selvelli.

"On the actuality of situationist methodology and on its relation with the political urban practice now ongoing in the Isola neighborhood."

We see the upcoming event on situationism as perfectly consistent with the political practice we’ve been working on in Isola neighborhood during the last years.

The spaces of this neighborhood have turned up to be favourable in creating a community of people who, just following their personal desires, has been gathering in order to work into and for the public space.

For this reason, as we already started to do with the event on Foucault (focused on the relation between place and power), we want to provide this community with some strategic theorical frames, that are both to structure the community and raise issues on which to discuss: this could finally produce a new language of ours, indeed a language of practice.

What has to be clear is that the aim of these events is not at all about neutrally presenting some histories, but about making ours some traditions, in the very gesture of questioning them.

In the specific case of Situationism, we should thus start asking us:

-What was the practice defined by them as “unitarian urbanism”?
How can this concept be useful for a community who wants to independently take care of its places, claiming itself out as much as possible from the hegemonic planning machine?

-Which should be the role of artists, when everybody (that is nobody) is interested in art?
Can art place itself out from the spectacular device and become mere construction of situations?
Can an action without products be the practice of the community?

What we could end up discovering is that our main concern should be to take again possession of our language, because spectacle is indeed always working towards its dispossession.
And maybe we would also end up discovering that those daily life devices known us derive, psychogeography and detournement had been invented by the Situationists in order to cope with that very law of spectacle through the originary practice of language, which is indeed politics.
How is it to be done?

Luis Miguel Selvelli
for the Unitarian Urbanism Group/out

Conference "Situationism Reloaded?" in March 2005

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