Picnic 2

Picnic #2
13th january 2005

The Placenzia Arte gallery of Piacenza, directed by Linoo Baldini, will present the works of 5 artists.

Picnic #2

Placenta Arte presents

A-1 53167 (Guatemala), “The story of Hugo” – video projection
Roberto Ago (Milano), “Scrabble” – installation
Valentina Favi, Saverio Pieralli (Florence) “They all left” – pvc printing
Mussa Andrei (Como/Milano), “SNC (nervous central system)” – animated videopainting
Kiraki Sauwa (London), “Dwelling” – videoprojection

The Picnic project is a series of temporary exhibitions, where museums, foundations, galleries, art collectors… invited by Isola Art Center, present artistic works or projects in the spaces of the Isola Art Center. As in a picnic, the aim is to create an informal situation where the works are to be “prepared” by the ones who are in chargé of the Picnic. The invited artists can choose whatever product to be “consumed”. The Picnics are occasions to host and see in Milano works and projects that could hardly be found in other spaces of the city. First Picnic was presented in december 2004 by the new space for contemporary art of Torino, “More fools in town”. This time the Placenta Arte gallery of Piacenza, directed by Lino Baldini, will be presenting the work of 5 different artists..


Roberto Ago (lives and works in Milano)

Scrabble – Installation
Scarabeo Stercorario is the name of a thoughtful insect, who leaves its eggs in a small ball of

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