Pic Nic 1

Sunday 14 november 2004
Centro per l’Arte
Stecca degli Artigiani, via Confalonieri, 10 (II piano) - Milan
from 15.00 to 20.00, performance at 17.00 and talk at 19.00

The Association Isola dell’Arte presents the first ''Picnic'' at the Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea on the second floor of Stecca degli artigiani.

The project Picnic consists of a series of temporary exhibitions, in which museums, foundations, galleries, non profit spaces, collectors, artists and curators propose works and projects in the Centro per l’Arte della Stecca. Picnic creates a convivial situation in which to instigate and show works as well as providing an hospitible environment for projects which might be difficult to show in other spaces in the city.

Picnic#1 presents: More Fools in Town, a collaborative project of artists A Constructed World (Jacqueline Riva + Geoff Lowe) and curator Charlotte Laubard. More Fools in Town organizes exhibitions and events in an apartment in the center of Turin in a responsive and impulsive way that seeks a wider audience. It is a lo-fi, lo-hi energy interface with big aims.

The event presented by More Fools in Town for Stecca degli artigiani includes an installation of works by artists from their first three exhibitions including Chu Yun (China) Simon Moretti (London) Ester Partegas (New York) vedovamazzei (Milan) Jon Campell and Elizabeth Newman (Melbourne) Mungo Thomson (Los Angeles) Sarah Ciraci and Gabriele di Matteo (Milan) My International Family (Asti/Berlin).

ACW will also present Big Dirty Love, a video work made in collaboration with Steve Piccolo and a performance ‘explaining contemporary art to live eels’, where eels swim around a group show of works by various artists, before being returned to the pond, the river, the ocean and ultimately the bottom of the Sargasso sea.

Charlotte Laubard, Jacqueline Riva + Geoff Lowe will conclude the project with a talk open to the public at 19.00.

The out office will be open to the public for information about the story of the resistence of the quartiere Isola and on this occassion they will be selling t-shirts to raise funds. out will also be displaying solar energy lamps.
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