Wild De-construction


Sunday 18 May 2014 from 11:00 – 20:00

And Wednesday 21 May 2014 from 17.00 - 20.30, with guided tours open to everyone.
Community Garden Isola Pepe Verde, Via Pepe 10, Milan

For the birthday of Isola Pepe Verde, Isola Art Center, in collaboration with NABA, presents Wild De-construction, a project by Kristina Borg, Irene Coppola, Paola Di Bello, Giuseppe Fanizza, Roberta Garbagnati, Edna Gee, Anna Iacovino, Isola Art's Club Band (extended), Nikolay Oleynikov, Annika Pettini, Camilla Pin, Duccio Scotini, Mattia Solari, Bert Theis, Giulia Viana.

Every step forward should be celebrated, especially when it is the result of a long and laborious struggle. Pepe Verde, the community garden, celebrates the renewal of its contract to use the space, a small green corner in heart of Isola, born out of the collaboration and hard work of the inhabitants of the neighborhood in search of a social space to take care of. To realize the dreams and desires of the neighborhood, a united movement that consists of the neighborhood association Isola Pepe Verde and the participation of numerous artists, across the years, helped to obtain a concession from the Municipality of Milan for the small piece of asphalt parallel to the neighboring train platforms. Today it is a lush garden that is the result of the work of many different people.

On Sunday, May 18th, we celebrate, together with the neighborhood, the possibility to use the garden for another year, without forgetting that the struggle is still ahead. The area remains designated for construction; for it to become a permanent garden the Municipality of Milan will have to change the designated use in the local masterplan. The inhabitants of the neighborhood as well as artists, architects, philosophers, musicians and others collaborate, using their respective languages, to make this dream become a reality.

Kristina Borg Installation “Fuori dalla finestra”, performance “When the Greens Meet”.
The work consists of an analysis of the situation of the Casa Verde (Green House) that is trapped inside the Lombardy Region complex. It demonstrates how the arrogance of conventional urban planning can interfere with the intimate space of one’s own bed. On Sunday morning a symbolic sign will link the Casa Verde with Isola Pepe Verde; an action that took its form from the collaboration of the artist with the inhabitants of the house.

Irene Coppola Installation “Eclissi_11”, “Eclissi_01070811”; performance “ContrAzione”.
With an attentive look at the urban transformation of the neighborhood Isola, the artist translated the dynamics of exploitation and occupation of the urban space into form and action. It brings to light the traces of change that condition community life.

Paola Di Bello A group photo as collective portrait of the people who frequent and defend the community garden of Isola Pepe Verde. It recalls the past, with the iconic big letters that form the word Isola in the center, held up by the people who are happily carrying on the struggle. The photo was proposed by Edna Gee. It will be used as communication of this project of the community garden in the media and art world.

Giuseppe Fanizza and Andrea Kunkl “Ph.Elicitation”. This work originally exhibited in 2012 in the exhibition Fight-Specific Isola at Frigoriferi Milanesi is being presented in Isola for the first time. Ph.Elicitation is an investigation into the social memory. It is calculated by a comparison between diffused photographic memory and the actual state of progress of the process of transformation of the neighborhood Isola.

Roberta Garbagnati “Perimetrale”. Starting form the process of gentrification that the neighborhood of Isola is subjected to, the artist has decided to concentrate on its perimeters. She uses warning tape and other adhesive tapes on photos of streets to trace the barriers. These montages of the streets of Isola serve as a physical urban study.

Isola Art's Club Band (extended) “Culture don't grow on trees”. Steve Piccolo, Naima Faraò, Igor Francia, Denis C. Novello, Walter Novello, Vincenzo Onida, Gak Sato, and Franz Pasquillo, Marco Pezzati, Fabio Bertolotti, Valentina Dellacqua. A band as bio-diverse as the garden of Isola Pepe Verde, a gathering of musicians that works as an open platform, always ready to find new ideas and collaborations.

Nikolay Oleynikov “Monument. International. Documentation”. The work of the Russian artist from the collective Chto Delat (To Do) is presented as a graphic revival of history in a universal sense and some individual histories that it encounters; an attempt to reunite different elements in the same work – for example the activism of the neighborhood Isola in Milan. It was shown for the first time in the exhibition Practicing Memory in a Time of All-Encompassing Present curated by Matteo Lucchetti at the Pistoletto Foundation, Biella.

Mattia Solari “Ipotesi di barricata per Isola”. The project, in the form of a rendering, starts from the idea to build obstacles with desks to impede the flow of people and things around the new architecture in Isola. It creates a loop between the sites of work production and the barricades as an instrument of social protest that is spontaneously born in the street.

Giulia Viana "Sogni". This is a video made in the Isola Pepe Verde garden in front of the collective painting of Isola Art Center that is seen as a magical forest. Two divine beings, Oberon and Titania, pass through the seasons of their love, from the fire of summer to the frailty of autumn, the freezing chill of winter, preparing for rebirth in spring. Meanwhile there are those, like Bottom, that can only enjoy one season: that in which the leaves redden and the couples slow their metabolism.

Project curated by Annika Pettini and Anna Iacovino
Graphic design by Anna Iacovino
Coordination by Camilla Pin and Bert Theis

Sunday 18 Maggio 2014, from 11:00 to 20:00
10.00 Performance by Kristina Borg
12.00 Live music with Isola Art's Club Band
14.00 Photo – collective portrait curated by Edna Gee and Paola di Bello
16.00 Performance by Irene Coppola

Project of Kristina Borg, Irene Coppola, Paola Di Bello, Giuseppe Fanizza, Roberta Garbagnati, Anna Iacovino, Isola Art Club’s Band, Nikolay Oleynikov, Annika Pettini, Camilla Pin, Duccio Scotini, Mattia Solari, Bert Theis, Giulia Viana.

The exhibition is also open Wednesday May 21 with guided tours open to everyone. From 17:00 to 20:30.

Isola Art Center and Isola Pepe Verde with the collaboration of Naba.

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